Nevis Power Rack

Nevis Power Rack

This is our classic masterpiece, re-imagined. The fully customisable Power Rack Elite successfully raises the bar in design engineering and aesthetics.

The UK Made design is constructed from 80mm x 80mm, 4mm thick box section steel for a heavy-duty feel unlike anything in the market, featuring laser cut posts to accommodate our robust J Pegs, and six convenient storage posts for your bumper plates.  

Like all of our products, the Solid Power Rack Elite is fully galvanised and powder coated in a scratch resistant matt colour of your choice.

Welcome to the ultimate in performance and durability.

Complete personalisation:

Designed with full compatibility across the range of Solid Accessories. For complete customisation you can choose the upright height, type of Pull-Up Bar, J Peg design and safety system.

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