We have designed the Yoke using 4mm thick box section steel.

With it’s origin in Strongman training, the yoke offers various options including lifting, carrying, pull ups, squatting and sled work - all in one product!

One of the main benefits is the adjustable, fat grip, cross bar allowing users to create a customised bar for pull ups and ring dips. The yoke’s skid feet, which are optimized for sled training, come with weight storage posts at all four corners. A pair of J Pegs come as standard. This makes the yoke suited to both large training facilities and home gyms with higher ceilings.

Also suitable for use as a squat stand. The Yoke is an extremely versatile accessory for any athlete training overall strength.


Made In UK: Yes

Colour: Black

Weight: 90kg

Height: 360 cm

Weight Capacity: 350kg

Foot Print: 125 cm x 120 cm

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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