Wooden Jerk Blocks

Wooden Jerk Blocks


Our Wooden Jerk Blocks come with four different sizes: 15”, 12”, 6”, and 2.25”. Each block is made from 1.5” double-wall plywood with added interior bracing and specifically placed insets to ensure secure stacking.

Stackable jerk boxes, or jerk blocks, are most often used in weight training, allowing athletes to focus on improving their jerk without having to clean the weight to the rack position on each rep. The blocks are highly durable and very easy to use, and with their sturdy structure there is potential to use these for multiple other movements and exercises: Cleans and snatches from varying block heights, block pulls, partial deadlifts, box jumps, step up and more.


Color: Brown

Length: 36"

Width: 20"

Height: 15”, 12”, 6”, 2.25”

Weight: 30kg, 25kg, 16kg, 11kg

Other Product Specs: Heavy duty double wall construction, hand slots for easy carrying, pre-assembled, 2.25" block must be used on the top of the stack when the sets are in use. This will ensure longevity and help prevent damage to the exterior layers of wood.

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