Nevis Half Rack

Nevis Half Rack


The Nevis Half Rack provides uncompromising performance and potential.

At half the size of the Nevis Power Rack, it’s footprint is smaller than ever before yet sturdy enough to take your training further.

The Nevis Half Rack is made with the same steel parts as the full rack so can handle the most demanding training, whether you’re squatting your one rep max or performing muscle ups to failure, your experience will be smooth and secure.

It’s seriously small yet ridiculously robust. This leaner version provides a more space-efficient solution to compliment a smaller training facility or home gym.

Complete personalisation:

Designed with full compatibility across the range of Solid Accessories. For complete customisation you can choose the upright height, type of Pull-Up Bar, J Peg design and safety system.


Brand: Solid Athletix

Steel: 80 x 80mm Box Section

Colour: White (Optional)

Length: 890mm

Width: 1,250mm

Height: 2,500mm

Accessories: Dip Bar, Wall Ball Target, Land Mine attachment

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Made in the UK: Yes

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