Hex Dumbbells (Pairs)

Hex Dumbbells (Pairs)

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The Solid Athletix Hex Dumbbell features knurled chrome handles designed to maximise grip comfort whilst preventing slippage. So you can work out safely and effectively.

Heavy-duty, rubber encased hexagonal heads protects your work out surface, reduces noise and enhances appearance. Their hexagonal shape mean they do not roll away when placed on the ground. Ideal for uneven surfaces or confined spaces when training with multiple pieces of equipment.

The Hex Dumbbell is suitable for all levels of ability and offers a variety of strength training options.

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Colour: Black

Product Weight: 2.5 - 60KG

Length: Varies by Weight

Width: Varies by Weight

Height: Varies by Weight

Other features: Knurled Chrome Handles

Warranty: 1 year

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