Free Standing Rig

2 Bay
Add Extra Cell (2 bays + high bars)

The versatile Free Standing Rig has established itself as the stalwart of CrossFit and Functional Fitness gyms around the world. 

The gift of the Rig is it's compatibly with a wide range of Solid Accessories for limitless customisation to meet your specific training needs.

Manufactured in the UK using 70mm x 70mm (3mm thick) box steel, the Solid Rig is as simplistic in design as it is effective use.

Start with a standard sized 'cell' consisting of 4 upright posts and 4 connecting top sections. Simply add additional cells by linking to one another by a connecting section (typically a pull up bar), creating as many squat/bench and pull up stations as you wish.

Ideal for group training for group training activities and fitness classes.



Brand Solid Athletix
Colour Black (Optional)
Length 1,200mm
Width 1,500mm
Height 2,500mm
Steel 70 x 70mm Box Section
Steel Thickness 3mm (11-gauge)
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Made in the UK Yes


Finance Available

Solid Athletix is partnered with leading fitness equipment financing institutions, to provide our clients with affordable tailored finance leasing to suit individual needs.

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