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When you need to get strong, and we mean really strong, Nevis Power Rack gives you the comfort, durability and motivation to blaze your way to a personal best.

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Simple fact. Nobody likes going on their tip toes to take the bar off the rack. That precisely why we built the Nevis with only 5cm hole spacings so you can set the optimal height and take the bar off with ease. This means all your effort is going into maximising your lift; not un-racking the bar. What's more, we have cut the holes themselves to 28mm so the inserting J Peg is larger, stronger, meaning it can accommodate more weight.



The Nevis is the sturdiest power rack we have ever created thanks to it's heavy duty 80mm x 80mm x 4mm thick upright posts. Each weighing 35KG, resulting in a total weight of approximately 300KG, the Nevis shrugs off any load up to 750KG. We also gave the Nevis a trip to the galvaniser to prevent rusting and finished it with our scratch resistant matte powder coat. It's built to take a beating.

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You are not setting your personal best if you are not inspired to train. Thankfully, you can customise the colour of your rack to match your existing interior or branding, and laser cut your favourite motto or facility name into the back of the rack.

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Meet little sister.

At half the size of the Nevis Power Rack, but with the same specifications and scope for customisation, this leaner version provides a more space-efficient solution to compliment a smaller training facility.