Free Standing Rig

Free Standing Rig

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Made from 80mm x 80mm box section and manufactured in Scotland, the Free Standing Rig epitomises precision-made engineering to deliver the perfect accessory for CrossFit/Group training.

The Rig starts with 4 squat bays - 2 on each side - and two connecting 1,800mm pull up sections, offering space for 8 simultaneous pull up users. Simply add additional cells to match your required number of users.

Colour and Pull-up Bar customisation is available. With option to add high bar sections for high Rope Climb and Olympic Rings.

The rig is compatible with the full range of Solid Athletix accessories.


Steel Spec: 80mm x 80mm x 3.6 SHS

Length: 1,660mm 2,500mm

Width (starts at): 4,220mm

Height: 2,500mm as standard

Hole Spacing: 50mm

Features: The rig must be bolted to the floor

Bolt Fixings: 16mm

Includes: 1 x J Pegs pair per squat bay

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