We manufacture unique functional and suspended bodyweight training systems that can be reconfigured or customised for additional types of functional training and include education to ensure that training is delivered with confidence.



Octagon shaped Functional Training Station with 8 sides and pillars to customise with training features.

Offers prime group training environment with space inside the rig for an instructor and 8 dedicated workspaces for users.

Unlimited custom training accessories available. Modular design allows the monkey bars to be extended and additional Octagons to be connected.



The Bridge configurations provide the flexibility to create unique group functional and suspended bodyweight training areas, while also preserving the open floor space you need for stretching, boxing and other group exercise classes.


Innovative storage and bespoke functional training rig solution, suitable for users of all ages and abilities.

The Cube features [ ]m Monkey Bar Ladder and built storage for medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells and more. Ideal for group workouts with coaches and trainers.

At [ ] wide and [ ] high, it is designed to open up floor space inside the footprint, giving the user a huge range of exercises, both on and off the rig. The Cube is highly customisable with many features and options, including replacing storage shelfs with upright monkey bars.



The Linear is designed to be space efficient for gyms, schools, CrossFit boxes and fitness studios.

Much like our traditional free standing rigs, it successfully combines functional fitness (with pull up and upright monkey bars), pure strength training, with dedicated squat bays, but also incorporates (i) Storage shelfs for medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells and more (ii) Upright Monkey bars for suspension training and mobility work.

The training system is to be arranged in a straight line, taking up minimal floor space and to sit flush to a wall, while being anchored to the floor. Customise with as many additional squat bays or place multiple in different areas of your facility.