Solid Kettlebells

4KG Solid Kettlebell
8KG Solid Kettlebell
12KG Solid Kettlebell
16KG Solid Kettlebell
20KG Solid Kettlebell
24KG Solid Kettlebell
28KG Solid Kettlebell
32KG Solid Kettlebell

The premium Solid Kettlebell is cast in one solid piece, creating a stronger, more reliable handle and a void free surface. This makes for a smoother, more comfortable feel.

The wide, flat base prevents any wobble and allows the Kettlebell to be placed safely on a flat surface.

We powdercoat all of our kettlebells in matte black for maximum grip comfort and optimal aesthetics. Colour coded handles differentiate between weight increments.



Brand Solid Athletix
Colour Black
Product Weight 4-32KG
Length Varies by Weight
Width Varies by Weight
Varies by Weight
Other Specs Matte Black Powdercoat Finish with Colour Coded Handles
Made in the UK Yes


Finance Available

Solid Athletix is partnered with leading fitness equipment financing institutions, to provide our clients with affordable tailored finance leasing to suit individual needs.

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