Womens Solid Barbell

Womens Solid Barbell


The Solid Barbell, a manufacturing masterpiece when it comes to barbells and should-be staple of any home, CrossFit Box, Weightlifting Club or high performance training facility. 

Made from chrome steel, the Solid Barbells utilise bushing sleeves and 8 pieces of needle bearing, providing an extremely smooth spin ideal for Olympic Lifting.

The dual knurling is common to Olympic Bars and is ergonomically designed for a comfortable feel in any grip style.

The bars 200,000 PSI (Tensile Strength) is characteristic of premium Olympic Barbell - strong enough to withstand heavy loads but offering optimal amounts of whip (the ability to store elastic energy) for effective Olympic lifting.

The barbells alloy steel and hard chrome finish provides great protection from oxidation.

Maximum comfort. Reliable performance. The ultimate in weight lifting bars.  


Bar Type: Women's

Weight: 15KG

Diameter: 25mm

Knurl: Olympic

Centre Knurl: No

Knurl Mark: Dual

Tensile Strength: 200,000 PSI

Spin Mechanism: Needle Bearing

Bar Use: Olympic Weightlifting, Functional Training

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