Solid Competition Plates

Solid Competition Plates

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Solid Competition Plates are manufactured and calibrated in accordance with International Weight Lifting Federation standards.

With a ShoreA rating (a measure of rubber hardness) of 90-95, these plates deliver the consistent dead blow with minimal bounce found in high end Olympic Weightlifting Bumpers.

The raised rubber rims prevent direct contact between the chrome-plated steel disc inserts, helping preserve the plates' lettering and matte-textured finish.

These plates are precision made for high performance Olympic lifting. Dropped tested to 38,000 so you can lift stronger, longer.


Plate Type: Competition

Diameter: 450mm

Collar Opening: 50.4mm

Insert Type: Stainless Steel Disc

Shore A Durometer: 90+

Weight Tolerance: +/- 20 grams of claimed weight


Green (10KG) 32mm

Yellow (15KG) 44mm

Blue (20KG) 55mm

Red (25KG) 65mm

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