Solid Training Plates

Solid Training Plates

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If you are after a heavy duty, multi-purpose bumper plate look no further than Solid Bumper Plates.

Each bumper is a thinner width than most comparable plates on the market, enabling more weight to be loaded on the bar. HG 3.0’s score 88 on the Shore A Durometer scale, giving them a dead blow on par with a lot of the pricier competition plates on the market.

Manufactured from the highest quality virgin rubber for a consistent dead bounce, durability and a more economical option to our Competition plates.

Precision made for every day performance lifting. 


Plate Type: Training/Multi-Purpose

Diameter: 450mm

Collar Opening: 50.4mm

Insert Type: Stainless Steel Disc

Shore A Durometer: 88

Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% of claimed weight



5KG Plate: 26mm

10KG Plate: 46mm

15KG Plate: 68mm

20KG Plate: 85mm

25KG Plate: 91mm

*Warranty: 5kg plates are warrantied for 90 days. The 10-25kg variants are warrantied for 3 years.

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