Solid Athletix won the tender to create and build a new fitness suite for Badminton School in May 2018. We spent months prior to this working with Sarah Gomersall (Director of Sport) and the rest of the PE staff to design the perfect training space for the School's c. 500 pupils. Health and Wellbeing is at the top of the agenda at Badminton so not only was it important to create a space that catered for the 'elite' athletes, but to maximise participation in physical exercise across each year group.

We began by educating staff on prevailing trends in training methods. They were quick to get on board with the idea of a functional training space - our main objective was to get pupils moving their bodies in an effective and efficient manner. Starting with a blank canvas, we presented numerous 3d Computer Aided Designs (CAD) to them before agreeing on the final design.


We designed a functional ("monkey bar") training rig for the space, specifically customised in School colours and functionality to suit their training needs. We used a 30mm high impact rubber gym tile to absorb noise and protect the sub-floor from heavy weights. We transitioned to the designated cardio floor space (which had a luxury vinyl finish) using a ramp tile to eliminate any trip hazard. Cardio equipment included Self-Propelled TreadmillsConcept2 Rowers and Ski Erg's and Spinner Ride Bikes. To preserve floor space, we customised a 3-tier Storage Rack to house everything from Bumper Plates and Med Balls to Hex Dumbbells and Mobility Bands.

Equipment production commenced in June and we delivered the project over the course of two days in August using five Solid Athletix Operatives, thus ensuring the space would be ready to use for School returning in early September.

To accompany the training space we felt it was important to provide the teachers with the necessary 'toolkit' to ensure optimum use of the space. We designed a 12-week functional training plan for pupils aged 8-18 years, together with access to an indoor rowing programme. When term commenced we ran a series of staff and pupil induction seminars ensuring staff could quickly learn best practices and so pupils could familiarise themselves with the new gym concept.

The reaction to the space has been remarkable with pupils (and staff!) fully embracing the new facilities. 

If you are interested in a bespoke training space for your school, or a free functional training programme for school kids, please get in contact with us!