Solid Athletix were approached by Gavin English (Head of Sport) and Daniel Barefoot Fallon (Head of Strength & Conditioning) with a view to overhauling the fitness training facilities at Alleyn’s School

During our introductory meeting, Gavin and Daniel explained Health and Wellbeing had been put high on agenda at school (as it is at many schools across the country), so new training facilities were required to engage more pupils in regular physical exercise. 

Previous equipment included running machines, cross trainers and spinning bikes. We proposed a new gym design that would free up more space and enable high-intensity, group, functional training. All of the cardio equipment was removed and replaced with a Free-Standing Training Rig and Olympic Lifting Platform (to accommodate a range of Olympic Weight Lifting), Ski Erg’s, Wall Mounted TRX anchors and a range of BarbellKettlebell, Slam Ball accessories. Rubber flooring ranged from 16mm ‘multi-purpose’ tiles to 43mm ‘high impact’.  

Next to the main training space we covered an idle corridor in Artificial Grass and installed a Prowler Sled.

Cardio equipment was moved downstairs - old treadmills were replaced with self-propelled treadmills - and accompanied by Watt Bikes and Concept Rowers to create a dedicated cardio training zone.

210 pupils were given induction during week one of Autumn term and uptake has since been widespread – Gavin reported an “infinitely greater” number of users owing to the space being “more interesting and attractive in appearance, easier to access, more relevant and allows for greater variety of training”. Up to 30 senior school pupils have been using at any one time. 

When asked how he found the experience of working with Solid Athletix, Gavin commented: 

Outstanding. We found them to be innovative and creative in helping us achieve our aims. I was particularly impressed with their adaptability and how quickly they grasped our vision for how we would be using the space. Any issues were addressed quickly and effectively and we have been left delighted with our end product. It has more than enabled us to achieve our aims and has in its own way crystalised our ideas and vision regarding what the role of S+C in schools should be."